1493, America for You and Me

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in the year of 1492. However, in 1493 this was “America” to be. Following the voyage and the  “build-up” of the new land new trade, this was known as the “Columbian Exchange.” Bringing a plethora of goods, and possibly bad during the voyages gave trading and bartering a different take. Transporting goods such as livestock, domesticated animals, and different types of agricultural plants and food can bring a lot of their own problems. Diseases from people, animals, insects, and plants now lurk around, and there is a huge epidemic now of different illnesses in America, according to the reading. Understanding that there is a lot of history here, but can one truly pin-point weather or not illnesses and diseases would have never been in America if it were not for Columbus and his journey? Some could say that this was the greatest discovery ever, but some would beg to differ and say that this ruined the “Americas” and destroyed native heritage. Opinions are how we view our world and I would like to know what is in your world.


Author: cruce76

Born and raised in Oklahoma, but live in Colorado. Retired Army and avid outdoorsman. Married with 2 grown boys.

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