Myself, All Wrapped Up

Beginning simple, I am from Oklahoma born and raised. Leaving high school I decided to work in the oil field industry, and then moved on to joining the Army. While serving, I have seen some historical features or sites in the United States and abroad. Studying history personally to me is an individual, intrinsic experience that is not for everyone, however we do use history a lot without realizing it. For example, I enjoy rock climbing, high altitude hiking, and backcountry snow sports. However, while participating in these activites, it is adventageous to know history of the rocks, area, and historical areas that may be in your path of direction. Understanding that this may not be the history we study in classs, but it just goes to show that everything can tie in to some kind of historical event that took place where you could very well be standing.


Author: cruce76

Born and raised in Oklahoma, but live in Colorado. Retired Army and avid outdoorsman. Married with 2 grown boys.

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